2016-04-25 04:26:30 UTC

And with that, the frame of the site is ready. I've made the last of the colour changes, CSS is nice and neat now. From now on, I just add things as I feel like. Hope you enjoy!

2016-04-22 22:40:55 UTC

So I'm back. I didn't abandon this after all. I've finished school (AKA why I wasn't updating this) and found a place to live so my life should be a little stabler now. I got the frames made, so I can now work on content. All that sweet sweet content I don't have. The under construction tag on the main page should be gone as soon as I slap together a front page. I don't really know what I want to do with it yet, I kinda want this to be a little more than my blog, but it is what it is. We'll see.

2015-07-23 03:20:50 UTC

So I haven't had a lot of time to work on the site, been spending too much time on my other projects. Working on an SVN repository tonight, and ordered some nixie tubes and other electronic parts. I have the design for the site all planned out, I just need to sit down and put it together. Possibly this weekend or next week. I promise to get rid of the under construction soon.

2015-07-14 05:16:15 UTC

I started working on CSS today, but it quickly turned into a mess and I did most of the arrangement in HTML. I'm thinking frames will be the easiest way of getting everything nice. I have an iframe in now, but to get decent allignment without a shitload of CSS I'm going to have to move to a frameset. I'm ok with this, it will be nice and retro, and should keep things clean and straightforward. We'll see more next time I log in.

2015-07-10 06:24:55 UTC

Finally got the site to an almost working state! This should serve as the framework and now I can get started on content. I've really lost all my HTML knowledge, so I'm basically a monkey with a textbook at this point. Oh well, we'll see where tomorrow takes this site.